Seasonal Services

A roof is exposed at all times to the elements and with each turn of the season there’s a new list of challenges. Your building exterior has important functions that all need to all operate in good order for your interior to stay free of water damage. Clearing leaves and other debris from eavestrough and gutter systems, removing heavy snow off your roof and repairing leaks due to ice-damming are some of Seasonal Work services we offer.


Ice-Damming Prevention and Repair

Ice dams can form due to freeze-thaw cycles, warm sunny winter days, or attic air that’s too warm. Heat can melt the snow on your roof, and water from melting snow can freeze at the edge of your roof creating dams.
Without proper roof snow removal, the ice that develops can stop melted snow from properly draining off the roof. With no path to drain off your roof, the water may then go back up and underneath roof shingles, making its way into the interiors of your home.
The first sign of ice-damming is icicles, which form when gutters are full and the water has nowhere to go. Other signs of ice-damming include new water stains on your ceilings, and uneven melting of snow on your roof.

Contact us for repairs and for solutions to prevent ice-damming.

Roof Shoveling and Snow Removal

Keeping the weight of the snow on your roof to a minimum is going to reduce stress on your roof structure, and is one of the ways to help prevent ice-damming.
Don’t wait until it’s too late. Snow density varies, so it’s difficult to identify what that exact amount of snow is to clear off your roof.
We recommend it’s best to be preventative, and remove any significant amounts of snow that accumulate. If inside doors are not closing properly, there are cracks appearing in your ceiling, unusual creaking sounds or water leaks – it may already be too late.
Roof snow clearing is best left to professionals with proper equipment and tools so you avoid potentially damaging your roof, or risking injury from falls.

We’re on top of your roof, so you don’t have to be. Contact us for more information or a quote.

Roof Inspection and Report

As seasons change, so can the condition of your roof. Has it been a while since you’ve seen the top of your house? We’ll take a look for you.
Our inspections include photos and a full report back about what we see, providing you important information to make decisions before your shingle warranty expires or you miss out on making an insurance claim.

Stay comfortably on the ground while we bring you peace of mind.

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