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Raise your curb appeal and increase your home’s market value with our expert installation of modern materials that will last for decades, and increase your home’s energy efficiency.
Attic Vent

Attic Ventilation & Insulation

We can help your home breathe a breath of fresh air with the right ventilation system. Proper air flow and attic insulation is critical to avoid premature aging of shingles.
Upgrading attic insulation is important to reduce heating and cooling loss. In the wintertime, improper ventilation will cause ice-damming, and interior leaks will occur as a result. 

Eavestrough & Gutters Systems

An eavestrough and gutter system will keep a home’s foundation dry by channeling water away, preventing basement leaks and mold, foundation cracks, soil erosion and corrosion.
Water can also be collected into a rain barrel and used for other chores. Reusing water and reducing sump pump usage can lower utility bills.
For your eavestrough and gutter system to perform correctly, they need to be debris-free and gutter protection can be added to reduce maintenance and optimize performance.

Soffit & Fascia

Aluminum soffit and fascia play an important role in a lasting roofing system health. They also affect your home’s overall exterior appearance.
Soffit are located on the bottom side of the eaves and are often vented so air can pass freely to regulate the temperature in the attic and preventing mold.
Fascia is installed at the edge of a roof’s rafters just behind the gutters. Fascia acts as a barrier to prevent birds, rodents and insects from entering your home through the attic.

Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding Installation & Repair

Durable and cost-effective, modern vinyl siding is a great choice for creating a custom designed look for your home’s exterior.
Today’s vinyl siding comes in hundreds of colors, textures, and profiles to give you complete versatility in designing your dream exterior. 
Upgrading your siding is a cost-effective way to extend your home’s life. Ask us about insulated vinyl siding, it’s energy-efficient and will prevent heat loss, making it an energy-efficient choice .

Chimney Work

The location where a chimney protrudes out from the roof, is a potential leak point. Flashing bridges the gaps, waterproofing the structure.
Only an adequate chimney flashing system is going to prevent water and snow from seeping through your roof. Flashing and tar will need to be inspected every so often as their lifetime is limited.
Our skilled roofers will remove the roofing material around the chimney, install new flashing, and seal it all back up again to protect your home from leaks.

Skylight & Sun Tubes

Modern installations have come a long way and are now virtually leak-free and can add extra ventilation with just a push. Solar blinds can be installed to skylights to improve efficiency, as well.
Skylights and sun tubes are a cost-effective way to brighten up a dark room where a traditional window is not possible.
Natural light is a key feature sought after by home buyers for reasons including energy-savings and health benefits.

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